Alternative Treatment Units

ATU’s – Alternative Treatment Units (septic systems)

I Should Be Your Plumber is the authorised service agent in this area to supply and install the Aquarius range of ATU’s. Aquarius Wastewater Management are a Western Australian company, the systems were developed and manufactured here in WA. It is Western Australian Department of Health approved, created for domestic house use and commercial applications. The internal system can be simply developed for use with business sites. A nutrient retentive system that leads to garden irrigation.

The wastewater (from the toilet, kitchen, bathroom and laundry) is treated to current Department of Health WA Standards that allows it to be used for irrigation in garden beds, orchards, etc., or disposal into leach drains, soak wells and aquasafe drains.

As the world turns its attention to ‘green’ technology and environmental issues the reuse of water becomes a major focus. We provide affordable, quality products that assist in the safe recycling of waste water and benefit Australia’s unique environment and diminishing water resources.

Aquarius Wastewater Management’s treatment technology is in the fore front of the water recycling industry. We invest heavily in research & development and work closely with specialists in the areas of aquatic microbiology and system design to constantly improve our product quality.

Irrigated Systems Include:

  • Black Water Units (ATU)
  • Grey Water Units (GWU)
  • Retro fit to existing septics
  • Suite both domestic and commercial applications
    1. Residential homes
    2. Hotels, Motels
    3. Mining camps
    4. Unit development
    5. Caravan parks
    6. Wineries
    7. Recreational facilities
    8. RTP (Relocatable Treatment Plant)
    9. Commercial and Industrial Developments
  • Let us take the pressure off you as we also do all the shire applications

Consider your health before choosing your septic system.

Chlorine treated septics are carcinogenic.

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